lelandAviation students will no longer have to go long distances after receiving their training to obtain a pilot’s license now that Leland Widick has an consulting office here at the Mt. Vernon Outland Airport.

Prior to Widick’s arrival at MVN, those who completed and passed the ground school and flight instruction portions of their training had to go outside the area to receive a license. According to Collins, FAA rules require students to complete and pass a written, oral and practical test administered by an FAA certified examiner before obtaining an FAA pilot license.

Exams given by Widick include private pilot certificates, instrument, multi-engine and commercial ratings, light sport aircraft pilot and certified flight instructor certificates. In addition, any certified and licensed pilots who seek advanced ratings must also be tested by an FAA examiner and Widick will be able to work with pilots on their advanced ratings as well, Collins said.

“Student pilots and certificated pilots seeking advanced ratings from Southern Illinois and possibly from southern Indiana, western Kentucky and southeast Missouri, will travel to Mt. Vernon Outland Airport for Mr. Widick’s services,” Collins stated. “Airport officials look forward to additional aircraft operations at the airport, which translate to increased sales and tax revenue for the local economy.”

Widick and his wife Mary are residents of McLeansboro. His office is located inside the SRT Aviation building on the east side of the ramp at the airport.

“Team MVN consists of many experienced professionals dedicated to growing aviation and making the airport the best it can be. Leland is an outstanding member of our family.”

Anyone who would like to set up an exam may contact Widick at (618) 559-0025.