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SRT Aviation provides flight training opportunities in its Piper Cherokee 140 Cruiser or Jabiru J230. Four Certified Flight Instructors are available to work with the student on the student’s schedule. At SRT Aviation, our CFI’s make their living instructing (and the occasional corporate flying opportunity), which means the student does not have to worry about his CFI leaving for the airlines any time soon.

Although money saving up-front packages are available, SRT Aviation will work with each individual student to tailor a program that fits that student’s financial situation. Block time discounts on the aircraft are available. Worrying about whether you should “pay for it all now” or “pay as you go”, is not as important as just getting started! Take a discovery flight for only $49!

Contact Rich Carney, SRT Aviation President, at (618) 244-7746 or (618) 316-0141, or

If you are interested in earning a Sport Pilot License, please visit SRT Aviation’s Southern Illinois LSA Training Academy.