ARFF Training

Mt. Vernon Outland Airport offers both classroom and hands-on (HOT) Air Rescue and Fire-Fighting training opportunities tailored to fit your department’s scheduling and travel needs.

Introduction to ARFF:  “Taking Part 139 ARFF Training to airports and fire departments of all sizes”

The objective of this three-hour class is to equip all first responders tasked with providing services to an aircraft incident or accident with the basic knowledge necessary to safely render emergency services.  The target audience is all off airport municipal departments tasked with providing services at an airport, rural departments, and departments providing mutual aid at an airport.  Classes are offered at your facility using the Mobile ARFF Simulator.  Thanks to Air Evac EMS, attendees receive one Continuing Education Unit hour.  

Intro to ARFF Course Description
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Intro to ARFF Class Agenda
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“See “Air Drill” footage for recent Introduction to ARFF Class coverage.”

Mobile ARFF Simulator:  A twin turboprop fuselage custom fitted to a double axle trailer allows portions of a 14 CFR Part 139 Air Rescue Fire-Fighting Training Curriculum to be taken to airports and fire departments of all sizes across the Midwest.   A complete curriculum meeting portions of AC 150/5210-17C “Programs for Training of Aircraft Rescue and Fire-Fighting Personnel” is available for use with the Mobile ARFF Simulator.

Mobile ARFF Simulator Flyer
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Mobile ARFF Simulator Training Curriculum
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ARFF Training Ground:  Two salvage aircraft are available for use by your department at Mt. Vernon Outland Airport. 

Cessna 402B – Scenario based training such as engine fires, landing gear fires, evacuation, and focused media application can be practiced hands-on with no threats of damage to our twin engine aircraft.

Cessna Citation 550 – Extrication, Extrication, Extrication!  This specially modified airframe allows “real-feel” cutting/testing of your department’s extrication equipment.  Experience the differences between aluminum alloys, steel, and other materials when practicing cut-in rescue techniques. 

Note:  ARFF Rescue Vehicle(s) and extrication equipment are not supplied for training at our ARFF Training Ground (bring your own equipment).  No live exterior or interior fires are allowed!

For more information, check out the ARFF Mobile Simulator, or schedule a time in our ARFF Training Facility, contact Chris Collins at (618) 315-5462 or